Wellness equals Recovery is a concept that encompasses all aspects of a healthy life. Connecting the Body + Mind + Spirit is the foundation for a complete transformation.

Sobriety is achieved and sustained by creating and following the comprehensive “Changes LifePlan” that is individually designed to educate and support the client during and more importantly, after treatment.

Changes’ goal is to create a collaborative partnership with our clients that involves and empowers them within their own recovery process and the specific architecture of their life in sobriety. Our clinical staff works as a team and collaborates continuously to create a compassionate and immersive experience.

Each client receives the individual support to facilitate their recovery as their needs change.

Our Outpatient Program works with reputable sober living homes that provide safe and structured environments intended to engage and support our clients as they navigate their new life in recovery. 

“There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes.” – Leo Tolstoy

Our mission is to discover and nurture that brilliant light and share it within our clients’ own recovery, and in turn teach them to share it with the entire world. Based on the experiences of those that have transformed their lives, no matter how difficult, Changes believes in the strength and courage of the human spirit.

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