All people suffering from abuse and addiction are unique, and therefore require different paths to recovery. Treatment can be done as PHP, IOP, or OP. Furthermore, we incorporate groups such as 12-step programs, SMART, or Refuge as part of the recovery process.

Individual Therapy
This collaborative process is designed to help discover feelings and situations that bring about undesired behavior. Individual sessions, provide understanding that addiction does not only involve the person in treatment but radiates throughout our intimate circle of relationships.

A substantial amount of work in the field of behavioral therapy is the connection of mind and body. Neurofeedback is a treatment that provides brainwave feedback to significantly reduce the underlying issues that promote relapse.

Integrative Psychiatry
A holistic approach that uses both conventional and complementary therapies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Personalized treatments are developed to suit each person’s lifestyle, strengthen self-awareness, and provide resources for self-care.

Group Therapy
Through group therapy, we can create a sense of support and community. Human beings are capable of thriving in group settings because we are socially interconnected beings. We develop and adapt based on our social environment. The power of a group is dynamic.

A method that uses bi-lateral stimulation to process past memories that activate current negative emotions, beliefs and behavior. The premise of EMDR is that the mind can naturally heal itself through prompting the brains coping mechanisms to compare and evaluate the past.

Yoga & Meditation
When we learn to quiet the mind from thoughts that cause anxiety, regret, envy and self-denial, we become mindful of the present moment. Yoga and mindful meditation cultivate awareness and help create a clearer process of thought. New coping strategies and changing patterns…

Relapse Prevention
A cognitive behavioral approach that identifies cravings as well as triggers that people have experienced in their lives. A plan is developed on how to cope with everyday life and triggers.

CBT & DBT Skills
Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapies are designed to help people change ineffective patterns of thought and behavior. Once we gain insight into an individual’s process of thinking, we are able to teach them how to respond and react to difficult situations.

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